Bridge Type Stack Up
Using the black arrows on either side of the picture & bridge description, match the picture with the description.
Correct Matches:

Hmm, let's see here, what is the best type of bridge for our Q Bridge project. Let's take a look at a few options below. Match the image with the definition...

Design the Extradosed Bridge
Answer the question correctly to receive a bridge part. Click the bridge part to place it in the blueprint. Complete the bridge for design approval.
question: answer: part:
    Correct! Click on the piece below to place on the bridge.
    Incorrect! Please try again.
    Build the Q Bridge
    Click the "Build It!" button and watch as the bridge is built. You will have to repeat the steps it in the correct order to build the bridge.
    build the bridge by dragging parts from right column to left list in the correct order.
    • Anchor Piers
    • Center Spans
    • Towers
    • Approach Spans
    • Horizontal Bents
    • Piles & Tower Footings
    • Steel Cable and Decks
    • End Spans
    • Pier Tables