Highway Advisory Radio

The CTDOT utilizes Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) stations as part of its Incident Management System (IMS) to broadcast information about road and traffic conditions in construction areas. Due to Federal Communication Commission regulation, however, the stations have a short range and are often inaudible beyond a three-mile radius. One such station serving the New Haven area is located on I-95 SB at Exit 43. The original coverage area of the HAR extended from approximately Exit 40 to Exit 52 on I-95 and to approximately Exit 8 on I-91.

The IMS upgrade project included the installation of three additional HAR stations that were completed and operational in 2006. Two HAR stations were installed at Exit 56 and Exit 62 on I-95 and the third was installed on I-91 in the vicinity of Exit 10. Installation of these HAR stations was part of the I-95 New Haven Corridor Improvement Program and provides continuous "real-time" traveler information for the Greater New Haven area along I-95 and I-91.