The I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing (NHHC) Corridor Improvement Program is one of Connecticut's largest multi-modal transportation improvement initiatives. The program includes operational, safety and capacity improvements to over 7 miles of Interstate 95, including a new signature bridge over New Haven Harbor. In addition to new and upgraded Shore Line East commuter rail stations, there are numerous Transit and Transportation System Management (TSM) components included as part of the program.

The August, 1999 report entitled: Federal Highway Administration Record of Decision for Interstate 95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Q-Bridge), commonly known as the "ROD", documents the Transit and TSM components in Section 1.2 (pp. 3-4). The components are as follows:

  • Shore Line East
  • Bus Service
  • Commuter Rail Station at State Street
  • Improved Transit Marketing
  • Improved Access to Transit Information
  • Carpool Marketing
  • Public and Private Carpool Matching
  • Optimized Flextime
  • Voluntary Rideshare (HOV) Preferential Parking
  • Insurance Breaks ($40) for Rideshare (HOV)/Transit
  • Guaranteed Ride Home

Read the following reports that summarize the current implementation status of these Transit and TSM components.